Your AI + Automation Growth Partner

Fractional Chief AI Officer (CAO) + AI consulting services tailored for growing companies.


At Merlin, we specialize in bridging the gap between Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) potential and its practical application.

Our approach is designed to help you:

Streamline Operations

We craft automation solutions that reclaim valuable time for your team, enabling a focus on strategic, high-impact work rather than routine tasks.

Accelerate Revenue Growth

Harness the power of AI to enhance your sales and marketing efforts, driving significant growth in revenue with data-driven precision.

Boost Profitability

Our comprehensive strategies go beyond one-time fixes; we develop tailored AI solutions that drive long-term, sustainable profitability.

Our Process

Transform your business with AI in 3 simple steps:


Discover how Merlin can accelerate your business goals in a no-obligation, 30-minute consultation.


Following mutual agreement, we conduct a free Blueprint session to identify the most impactful AI solutions for your needs.


Then, we diligently work to execute the outlined solutions, focusing on delivering measurable ROI and tangible results.

About Us

Merlin brings a wealth of AI and Machine Learning expertise, specifically honed for the finance and healthcare industries. 

Our team, coupled with an extensive network of AI specialists, is equipped to address complex challenges, delivering bespoke solutions that unlock significant value and drive transformation.

Contact Us @ hello at usemerlin dot com